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Bejeweled 2 For Windows

Bejeweled is the first and only puzzle game since Tetris to be inducted into Computer Gaming World’s Hall of Fame. Reaching level 5 in Classic mode unlocks Poker, or in the mobile version, Diamond Mine. Reaching level 6 on console versions unlocks Twilight. The game mode is even known as such in Bejeweled Deluxe.

  • Bejeweled Twist features a total of four different playable game modes, all of which are accessed from the game’s Play menu.
  • The jewels initially fill up in the exterior slots of the panel.
  • Traveling to this world triggers a cutscene in which a congratulatory message is given and then the credits of Bejeweled 2 are shown.
  • Unfortunately, there is NO patch being made for this game.
  • The game provides with similar mechanics and game-play as Candy Crush Saga and offers a brilliantly immersive Match-3 type game-play experience.
  • Although several different games have been released in the Bejeweled franchise, most include several different modes for various styles of play.

They begin the game with 20 ticks, but when you score more points, the starting count of the Bomb Gems decreases, and the frequency of Bomb Gems appearing increases. Ice columns creep in from the bottom and rises to the top. Your mission is to either lower them by horizontal matches, flame, lightning, or zaps, or destroy them with vertical matches or lightning.

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At game level 280, Endless offers up an additional new game called “Finity.” Finity is not available on the iPhone version of the game. Visually, Bejeweled 2 looks very similar to the first game, with the same gems that you use to combine and remove. The backgrounds are a little plain, but since the game focuses on matching, there is no real necessity for highly detailed backgrounds. Despite its name, it is possible but super rare for the game to start a level in Endless without any valid moves. It can only happen if there are no Hypercubes on the board when leveling up.

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For the beta elements and unused content, see List of Bejeweled 2 pre- paypal debit bonuses release and unused content. Bejeweled 2 was initially released on November 5, 2004 for Windows, and has received ports for multiple consoles. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar.

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Bejeweled is a tile-matching puzzle video game franchise created by PopCap Games and distributed by Electronic Arts. Games in the Bejeweled series involve matching three or more multi-colored jewels in a straight line, in which gems fall, often creating cascades. Development on Bejeweled 2 began sometime around 2002. The PopCap team commenced work on a sequel to Bejeweled and wanted to add several new features to make it unique. Ideas such as Special Gems were conceptualized throughout the development of the game. At one point, the Rocks and Bombs from Puzzle were originally meant to appear in the other game modes but were limited to Puzzle only to prevent the game from becoming unappealing.

If you are struggling to solve any of the puzzles, just keep pressing ‘Y’ to get hints. The hints do drop your score, but the achievement is for completing 80 levels, so your score really doesn’t matter. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, simply put, is a game you must play if you’re a fan of puzzle games.

Hyper cubes are formed when a match of five gems in a line is made. When a Hyper cube is swapped with a gem, all the gems of that color on the board are destroyed. If a Hyper cube is swapped with another Hyper cube, you only get 200 points for each cube. By reaching Level 9 in the Action Mode, a game mode called Hyper is unlocked.

Candy Crush Saga For Windows 10

Play any games Bejeweled 2 Hypercash free slot variant for real money or demo credits, but the fun is guaranteed by both! It can be played for free without downloading nor registering. All you need is a device to play with and a stable internet connection. If you decide to play for Real Money, it can be done by registering at any online casino that offers the game and depositing options. Bejeweled doesn’t feature AHM mechanics and NMM is possible in both Normal and Time Trial modes. In Normal mode, the game ends if there are no more moves.

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Just like all other match-3 puzzle games, in Butterfly Escape player hits the differently colored orbs with the ones he shoots from the origin. He must shoot the orbs fast and prevent them to reach the Dungeon of Darkness. With every shot, the orbs return to the Kingdom of Light a little bit and the player wins the game by sending all of the orbs to the Kingdom of Light. Every orb converts to a butterfly upon reaching to the Kingdom of Light. If any of the orb reaches to the Dungeon of Darkness, player loses a life and a prince of Darkness emerges. If you really want to get lost in the land of wonders, you must try this game.

Matched gems disappear causing those above to drop down and, hopefully, create other matches for extra points. Make enough matches to move the horizontal timing bar all the way to the right and it’s on to the next level. Bejeweled tile-matching games have been available online since 2001, which marked the launch of PopCap’s popular original title. Since then, a great number of new titles has been released, and we’ve collected the best ones here for you!